Species Onion
Voiced by Shelby Vischer
Allie Nawrocki
Maggie Roberts

Annie is George's granddaughter, who appeared in several VeggieTales episodes such as The Toy That Saved Christmas and Madame Blueberry. Annie's best friend is Percy. She has dark brown hair and wears glasses and a white shirt with a light blue bow on her hair.

Annie makes her debut in The Toy That Saved Christmas when her Grandpa George tells her a bedtime story about Christmas in Dinkletown. She next appears in Madame Blueberry as a poor girl who shows Madame Blueberry that a "thankful heart is a happy heart" while singing "The Thankfulness Song." Annie continues to appear regularly in the episodes, usually with the company of her friends. 


Annie is a green onion with short, brown hair. She wears large framed glasses and is usually wearing a bow. In The Toy That Saved Christmas, Annie wore a white dress/night gown and blue bow. In Madame Blueberry she wears a raggedy dress and a black beret. Her casual attire is a pink dress and bow with blue polka-dots.

Over the years Annie's voice has matured to a teen/pre-teen voice (because of voice actress changes).


  • Shelby Vischer (1996-2002, 4 episodes)
  • Ally Nawrocki (2005-2011, 8 episodes)
  • Maggie Roberts (2011-2012, 4 episodes)
  • Megan Murphy (2014, Beauty and the Beet)


  • Annie was modeled after (and performed by in the first few episodes) the daughter of VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer. Her parents are modeled after Phil himself and his wife Lisa.
  • Annie only appears twice without her glasses (in "Bully Trouble" and "George Mueller").
  • Annie is sometimes credited "Annie the Onion."
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