Are You My Neighbor?
Number 3
Date of release January 3, 1995
Lesson Loving your neighbor(s)

Are You My Neighbor? is the third episode of the VeggieTales animated series (following Where's God When I'm S-Scared? and God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!). It was released in January 3, 1995 on VHS and on March 11, 2006 on DVD. Subtitled "A Lesson in Loving Your Neighbor", it features two short stories that teach viewers that they should love people even if they seem different or strange to them. The title of the third segment is a parody of Star Trek.


On the countertop, Larry the Cucumber is seen wearing a shoe on his head and asks Bob the Tomato why he's wearing it. Bob explains that he got a letter from Latasha Robbins of Savannah, Georgia, and she wants to know what loving your neighbor really means. Bob begins to tell The Story of Flibber-o-loo.

The Place of Flibber-O-Loo

The first story based on the Biblical parable of The Good Samaritan. Larry lives in Flibber-o-loo, where everyone wears a shoe on their heads while Junior Asparagus lives in Jibberty-Lot where everyone wears a pot on their heads. Flibber-o-loo and Jibberty-Lot fight by throwing pots and shoes at each other.

Stuck in The Hole

Larry goes out with his pet wind-up lobster where bandits steal his milk money and put him upside-down in a hole. Although both the Mayor of Flibber-o-loo (ARCHIE) and a Flibbian (LOVEY) doctor come upon Larry, they are both "too busy" to help. ("Busy Busy")

Underground 1

Just as the boy in the hole was starting to give up hope, another boy from Jibberty-Lot comes out and spies the boy. At first the boy from Jibberty-Lot does not want to help him, since their respective cities despise each other, but upon realizing that they are both God's children, he helps the poor fellow and escorts him back to Flibber-o-loo.

At first, the citizens are confused that someone from Jibberty-Lot would help someone from Flibber-o-loo, but the boy explains that you should help those in need despite who they are. The mayor is touched by the boy's act of good will, and the warring nations are at peace.

The Hairbrush Song

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The Silly Song, Oh Where is My Hairbrush comes before the second segment: The Gourds Must be Crazy.


The Gourds Must Be Crazy!

Jimmy and Jerry sing about friendship when Junior is reluctant to invite Fernando to his party because he speaks funny.