Art and Barney


Species Cucumber

Art and Barney Green are two cucumber boys in It's a Meaningful Life. They were the sons of Stewart (Larry the Cucumber) and Donna Green (Petunia Rhubarb). They were on a football team, coached by their dad, that was not doing so well. But Stewart encourages them to do give it all they have.

When Stewart went on the "What If" Express to se what his life would be like if he did become a famous football player, he was shocked to see that he had never married Donna, so Art and Barney had never existed. But on his way home, Stewart sees his boys as grown-ups with a family of their own. Stewart was welcomed by their family, including Art and Barney, when he came back to the toy train factory.

Art and Barney have been known to cause mischiff as they sometimes play ball in the house and once ripped Emma's teddy bear after using it as a football.

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