Call on Us (Reprise) is from Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler.


Both: If a crime has been committed which makes you rather curious.

Bob: While culprits and solutions lurk, elusive and impervious.

Larry: And fancy words bewilder you and make you feel ridiculous.

Both: The crime will not be solved until you grab the phone and call on us!

Bob: A team that's not defeated.

Larry: When I treat you like I want to-

Bob: Be treated!

Larry: We're so thorough in our searching as we sift and sort and sleuth for clues.

Bob: With faculty for skirting any felon's oft deceptive ruse.

Both: Recover any treasure be it gold or silver, cash or jewels.

Bob: No criminal our wits defy.

Larry: They may as well not even try!

Both: As long as these two friends live by the Golden Rule!

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