Cast of Characters

  • Phil Vischer - Archibald Asparagus As King Saul
  • Mr. Lunt As Himself Bob the Tomato As Rack Shadrach
  • Phillipe Pea As Owner Peas Israelites As Themselves
  • Mr. Nezzer As Himself Pa Grape As Israelite
  • Tom Grape As Yet Another Brother Grandpa George Scallion As Herself
  • Jimmy Gourd As Another Brother Goliath As Himself
  • Scallion 1 As Wisemen Art Bigotti Asparagus As Himself
  • Mike Nawrocki - Larry the Cucumber As Benny Abednego Jean Claude Pea As Owner
  • Jerry Gourd As Dave's Brother Scallion 2 As Wisemen
  • Lisa Vischer - Junior Asparagus As Shack Meshach
  • Jim Poole - Scooter Carrot As Policeman
  • Mike Sage - Scallion 3 As Wisemen
  • Dan Anderson - Dad Asparagus As Himself
  • Pamela Thomas - Mabel Asparagus
  • Kristin Blegen - Laura Carrot As Delivery Girl
  • Natalia Lozano - Lenny Carrot As Israelite
  • Jeff Morrow - Palmy the Tree As Himself
  • Tim Hodge - Charlie Pincher As Leon Merengue
  • Ally Nawrocki - Annie Onion As Herself
  • Kevin Gamble - Benny the Dog As Himself
  • Cliff Edwards - Jiminy Cricket As Himself Fun Fancy and Free
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