Do the Moo Shoo is sung by Larry and Mr. Lunt. It is from the sixteenth VeggieTales episode, The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown . Pa Grape asks Larry and Mr. Lunt to stall for time while he fixes the Astonishing Contraption of Silliness, which has malfunctioned. Larry responds that he has not prepared for anything, so Pa Grape hands him a take out menu from a Chinese restaurant.



Larry and Mr. Lunt: Chicken!

Mr. Lunt: Kung pao.

Larry: Chicken!

Mr. Lunt: Mongolian.

Larry: Chicken!

Mr. Lunt: Sweet and sour.

Larry: Chicken!

Mr. Lunt: Cashew.

Larry: Chicken!

Both: Do the moo shoo! Moo shoo-shoo, moo-moo shoo moo-moo shoo. Moo-moo shoo, moo-moo moo-moo shoo-shoo.

Voice: Do the moo shoo.

Both: Pork!

Larry: Mandarin.

Mr. Lunt: Pork!

Larry: Barbequed.

Mr. Lunt: Pork!

Larry: Sweet and sour.

Mr. Lunt: Pork!

Larry: Spicy shredded.

Mr. Lunt: Pork!

Voice: Pork!

Both: Do the tofu! To fu fu, t-to to tofu fu, fo fo tu, n to to t'fu fo-

Mr. Lunt: Stop! (spoken) Break a fortune cookie!

Larry: (reading) Beware of grape with wooden mallet.

Mr. Lunt: Ain't that the truth.

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