Species Rhubarb

Emma Green is a little girl that first appeared in It's a Meaningful Life. She was the adopted daughter of Stewart (Larry the Cucumber) and Donna Green (Petunia Rhubarb). She was upset that she got the part as a sheep instead of a camel for her school play. But Stewart reminds her that she is still special, no matter what she plays.

When Stewart was shown by Gabe what life would be like without him in Rockwell, he saw Emma still in the orphanage. But when he decides to go home, he sees in the sky what Emma would look like as an adult and has a child of her own. When he got home, Stewart kissed Emma and when she asked if her life is meaningful too, Stewart answered yes.

She was known to carry a teddy bear with her that was ripped by her step brothers, Art and Barney, thinking it was a football.

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