I'm Blue is sung by Miss Kitty (Madame Blueberry) in The Ballad of Little Joe. The lyrics were written by Bob Lee and the music was written by Kurt Heinecke. There is also a deleted verse that can be found as a hidden easter egg in the features menu of the DVD.


Kitty: My life is a disaster

A sea of endless pain

A picnic promising the sun

But giving only rain

So listen to my tale of woe before we bid adieu

It’s why my heart is so heavy it’s why I am so blue

Larry: (Spoken) Peanuts! Get your hot peanuts!

Kitty: Life is a joke. A trifle. A folly

Even my dog is a melon-collie

My happy days are through

That’s why I’m so blue

That’s why I’m bl-

Little Joe: (Spoken) Peanuts! Get cher hot roasted peanuts! Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Kitty: (Spoken) I’m through!

Deleted Verse

Kitty: It’s why I am so blue.

When I was five, I lost my kite.

Loved basketball, but lacked the height!

And now my favourite pants are tight.

What am I to do?

That’s why I’m blue.

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