(theme song)

(As we fade in, we see Jimmy and Jerry Gourd dressed somewhat like Bob and Larry)

Jimmy: Hi kids and welcome to VeggieTales! I'm Bob the Tomato!

Jerry: And I'm Larry!

(Jimmy shrugs Jerry)

Jerry: The cucumber!

Jimmy: And we're here to answer your questions!

Jerry: Right.

Jimmy: Now, we got a letter today from a kid named, uh, Jimmy, who lives in a place, near.... Texas somewhere.

Jerry: Yeah, Texas!

Jimmy: This kid, Jimmy, says he knows this other kid, named, umm....

Jerry: Jerry!

Jimmy: Yeah, sure, Jerry, this other kid named Jerry, now, this kid Jimmy says that this kid Jerry is sooooooo selfish in the whole world, it just makes you sick!

Jerry: N-no he's not.

Jimmy: Who's not?

Jerry: He's not selfish, he's nice.

Jimmy: No! He's selfish, remember, the letter?

Jerry: Uh, no, Jimmy said that Jerry was nice and that other kid Hubert was selfish.

Jimmy: Hubert?

Jerry: Yeah, Hubert.

Jimmy: Who's gonna name their kid Hubert? Look, Jerry, Larry, in the letter we got today from that kid Jimmy who lives near Texas somewhere it said that his friend Jerry was selfish that's what it said, remember?

Jerry: You want a piece of me?

Jimmy: Hey, whoa! Oh man! You're the one that said Jerry!

Bob: Hey! What's going on here?

(Jerry quickly puts the Larry costume back on upside down)

Larry: Yeah! What are you guys doing?

Jimmy: Uh... Hi there! I'm Bob the Tomato!

Jerry: And I'm not selfish!

Bob: You're not Bob the Tomato, I'm Bob the Tomato! Jimmy, Jerry? Is that you? What in the world are you guys doing?

Jimmy: Aw, man! We were only trying to help you guys out...

Jerry: Yeah, help.

Jimmy: We figured you needed a break.

Bob: Break? I just had a break! I don't need another one!

Jimmy: Oh, come on Bob, please let us do this, we've been wanting to host the show since Dave and the Giant Pickle!

Bob: I don't know about this....

Jimmy: We've got a story.

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