Lyle the Kindly Viking is a VeggieTales episode. It's lesson is sharing.


We see Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato welcoming us to VeggieTales!, And they got a lot of letters, of questions about sharing. Like, Why do I have to share?, How could I share?, etc. And they well tell you that they can solution to all of the questions in one episode until Junior Asparagus's mom comes interrupting Bob the Tomato, and in King George and the Ducky, there was guest hosts putting up the show without Larry the Cucumber or Bob the Tomato. But however, Archibald wants to be as a guest host for the show. So they let them have the permission and request granted. So, Bob the Tomato reminded Archibald, that if they have any trouble, let Bob or Larry know. So, she calls for the two tiny peas to set-up the set. And with Archibald wearing a red robe. She sits on a couch and starts telling us a story supposed to be about Hamlet, but the two tiny peas forgot the unable scripted, so there was a alternative story called "Omelet", In this story, A chef was operating "Horatio's Egg Cafe", until the Kingdom has only the three remaining last eggs, But, the hungry-egg lover, Prince. So, that the chef cooked a egg for the Prince, and he did not ate it yet, until a interruption with a guy. The guy said that the Prince must "share" the eggs, or else they will be starving. But Prince refuses too, so that he replied "What?!, are you crazy?", but a tiny pea comes by the Prince, and he plays a like-Battleship game, but the Prince accepts to play it, so he plays with the pea, as they are playing, the tiny pea smells the white, fluffy scrambled eggs and he would like to have a bite of it, but the Prince makes a decision accepts it. But, after the tiny little pea ate a piece. The Prince would like to announce that they must share the eggs because God would like it, for people to share. And it was a happily ever after! As in between segments, a cliffhanger appears, and now we have Silly Songs with Larry, but as he said "And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry, the part of the -" until it was interrupted by the guest host, Archibald. But then it was renamed into Classy Songs with Larry, but in this song, it never appeared online, so there is nothing to do with it, but not on even YouTube's channel, BigIdeaInc. So, after the Silly song (or Classy song), we see Archibald, the guest host again, sitting back at her couch. So Archibald talks about the lost musical that Gilbert & Sullivan, they made before their own deaths. So that the both tiny peas gave the book of the lost musical of Gilbert, titled "Lyle the Kindly Viking". In this story, There were Vikings that steal for their own good from the monks, but there was a unusual viking named "Lyle" (Junior Asparagus), So, as we start the story, Lyle the Viking has made all kinds of crafts, but he made potholders, but after their raiding tonight, Lyle gives the things back to the monks. But Sven & Otar discovered what Lyle has been doing, so that Sven and Otar attempted to confront Lyle not to do that but Lyle confronted them back. So, Sven and Otar decided to keep his things as a little secret so that the ruler won't know what Lyle is up too., But one day, Sven, Otar & the Vikings are going to raid the monks again but Sven & Otar will see that the ruler will see with his binoculars what Lyle has been up too? but they're only way, that they attempted to distract the ruler, but, the ruler discovered Lyle what he has been doing. So, the ruler jumped on Lyle's small boat, and ripped the sail, but there was a storm going out, but the Viking's ships have been capsized, so, Lyle called for help for the Monks, but they rescued all of the Vikings in process, but the ruler apologizes Lyle for being so in big trouble, that he didn't know how to Share. So they sang a song, and the story ends. Archibald, the Guest host of this episode, has say that's for all! but there was a surprise, she said "Gilbert Jones & Sullivan O'Carey", so Archibald got the wrong musical book, but it was right, but the 2 tiny little peas liked it. Archibald realizes she was tricked. So Archibald chased the tiny little peas in chaos. So, to share our blessings, it ends and the credits roll.

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