Moe and The Big Exit

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Moe and The Big Exit is the is the 31st episode in the VeggieTales series. It's lesson is following directions.


On the countertop, Larry and Bob had letters. One of them came from Carlsbad, New Mexico and the other from Brentwood, Tennessee about directions Moe and the Big Exit tells the story of Moses, or Moe for short (played by Larry the Cucumber), a cowboy living a privileged life while his relatives dug the Grand Canyon as slaves. Moe stands up to the zucchini mayor for his family, and then fearing for his safety, Moe escapes to the hills and marries a Native American he meets named Sally (Played by Petunia Rhubarb). Some years later, Moe returns to the City and tells the zucchini mayor to "let my people go." The mayor rejects his demands, and trouble ensues (such as rivers turning into tomato juice, prairie dogs of golf, grasshoppers eating Mayor Nezzer's lunch, cattle falling dead, pink pimples, twisters and the first-born babies being taken by the river). Moe ultimately frees his relatives and they leave the city to find their own place to live. Unfortunately, the mayor's sheriff Mr. Lunt saw Moe take off his mask and the Mayor commanded a posse to be made to chase after Moe. The group reach Death Valley where they realize that the Mayor and his posse are after him. Moe used Sliver to make it snow over the valley. After the group crossed Death Valley, the Mayor and his posse ended up stranded in the middle of the valley when it stopped snowing and all the snow melt leaving them to bounce like peas in a pan. It is unknown what happens to them afterwards.


  • A clip from this video is seen in the 2014 movie Night At The Museum: Secret of The Tomb, both movies Let's Be Cops, and Night at The Museum: Secret of the Tomb are produced by 20th Century Fox Film Corp.
  • Adapted as a parody of The Lone Ranger, it is also a sequel to The Ballad of Little Joe occurring years after Little Joe's death. It also serves as a prequel to Josh and The Big Wall.
  • This is a parody of Moses and also Dreamworks: Prince of Egypt.
  • Since this episode takes place in 1900 AD, what Mayor Nezzer is doing appears to be illegal. He forces people to work for him for free without any breaks, which is a violation of worker rights. He also refuses to let any of them go, which is an example of false imprisonment.
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