The Mother Weed

The Mother Weed appears in Larryboy and the Rumor Weed. The Mother Weed is the center of control for all of the other Rumor Weeds throughout the city. The Mother Weed grows more powerful with the increased spread of rumors about Alfred. We first hear about the Mother Weed when Alfred discovers that the Mother Weed is underground. Alfred tells Larryboy to go and fight the weed but he is extremely hesitant, as all of you moms know mothers are VERY powerful. When Larry reaches the sewers he sees the Mother Weed and she is smaller than he expected. He then becomes very confident and trash talks the weed. But, to his surprise the real Mother Weed emerges from the shadows. This weed is extremely big, and this frightens Larryboy as he screams out "mother". Then Larryboy goes to get his weapon from his vehicle, and the Mother Weed asks him how his ear is feeling. Larryboy realized that she knew about that because all of the weeds are connected. He then becomes confident again because he has his weapon and says "hasta la vista, weedy". But, his weapon misfired, once again he becomes very scared and intimidated while the Mother Weed gains the upper hand. When the movie pan back to Larryboy and the Mother Weed they are fighting, but it is off screen. The fight is not as even as Larryboy fans would have thought. Larryboy took quite a beating from this tough mommy. During the fight Larryboy warns the Mother Weed that he is a superhero, but this clearly did not matter to the Mother Weed as she beat him to a pulp. She then throws Larryboy against a wall, which ends the fight. When he slides down the wall it is revealed that his body is covered with injuries, as he is black and blue. The Mother Weed then gave Larryboy some trash talk as she said that no one can beat her because she is too big. She added a little insult to injury for Larryboy. She then rises from the sewers and grabs Alfred. Junior realizes what he did and attempts to fix it. Junior retracts the rumors which weakened the weeds, and turned the Mother Weed into a flower.

The Mother Weed revealing herself to Larryboy

The Mother Weed holding Alfred in front of the public

A beaten up humiliated Larryboy

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