Phil Vischer (born 1966 in Muscatine, Iowa) is the creator and co-founder of Big Idea and VeggieTales along with Mike Nawrocki.

Vischer led the company through 2003, when it was sold to Classic Media as part of bankruptcy proceedings, and he chose not to remain with the new company. Since leaving Big Idea, Vischer has started a new creative shop called Jellyfish Labs where he and a small team work to produce faith-based media for children and families.

Vischer and Jellyfish are based in Wheaton, Illinois. As of 2009, he still works with Big Idea on a contract basis, writing scripts and performing many of the voices for new VeggieTales productions.

Vischer's family also played a major role in the VeggieTales voice work. His wife Lisa, whom he wedded in 1989, voices Junior Asparagus, and his daughter Shelby voiced the role of Annie until 2005.

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