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QWERTY is the countertop computer that Bob and Larry use to read Bible verses at the end of each show. Though QWERTY is not alive, it does have certain anthropomorphic characteristics, including responsory noises and voice activation. According to Phil Vischer, QWERTY is an Intel 80386 model. In every episode, Bob says "We're over here by QWERTY, to talk about what we've learned today and.", then the What We Learned Today song starts to play, which Larry loves but Bob hates (Though as the series progresses, it begins to grow on Bob)


  • QWERTY's name comes from the first six letters on a standard English keyboard.
  • Qwerty has a recipe for yummy meatloaf.
  • In God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?!, QWERTY was playing Pong when Bob and Larry wanted to know how many times you need to forgive. It is unknown if he still has this game after the upgrade.
  • In the episode, Pistachio, QWERTY got an upgrade and now has e-mail, a screensaver, a voice chip (voiced by Mike Nawrocki), and will bring up WEBCAM messages from kids instead of letters.
  • QWERTY's upgrade doesn't have a disk drive.
  • QWERTY's voice sounds like Larry's voice. This is because he is voiced by Mike Nawrocki, who voices Larry.