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Saint Nicholas is a VeggieTales DVD.


The story starts off with Laura's dad's truck breaking down, and the machanic Gustav will only fix it for double the normal price. Then everyone sings about Christmas presents and Bob asks Junior Asparagus what Christmas is about, and Larry points to the nativity set. Junior Asparagus asks Bob what Santa has to do with Jesus, and Bob starts telling the story of Saint Nicholas. Nick is at church and afterwards, he and his dad go fishing. While they are there, they see Gustav firing a man who has no food, and Nick's dad gives him of the fish they caught. That night, Nick's parents go to help a sick person, but they get sick and die. Nick sails to Bethlehem, where he hears about Jesus, and goes back to Greece. While there, he gives coins to three girls to pay the fine, because Gustav had became mayor and made a rule that you must not give people items for free, and they had broken this rule. Then Bob ends the story when the girls get the coins, and the entire town gives money to help fix Laura's dad's truck, so he can finish his delivery.

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