• God's bigger than Bigfoot, Yeti and Nessie.


  • Don't be scared of everything, when God's watching over you.


Where's God When I'm S-Scared? contains two hilarious, fully fanmade stories that teach viewers a biblical perspective on handling everyday fears.

Tales from the Deep

What happens when Telly Monster watches a "Social Lion" cartoon that's too scary for him? Jimmy Gourd and Larry the Gourd show up to help him with a rollicking song, teaching Telly that God's bigger than anything he might be scared of. It's a lesson he should have because things really get crazy when a lion named Lambert shows up in Telly's room.

Larry and the Tigers' Den

The next segment takes us from Telly's bedroom to Jerusalem, Israel as the GourdTales gang stages a musical adaptation of the classic Bible story. Larry the Gourd, playing the role of Daniel, finds himself in deep trouble thanks to a trio of slippery Simpsons characters playing the roles of the king's conniving wisemen. In the end Larry learns that even in the tigers' den, he's still in God's hands.

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