Edward Wiggins, better known by his alias, "The Alchemist", is a carrot with robotic arms and the main antagonist of LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures: Leggo My Ego. Along with his mother, Mother Pearl, he sprays LarryBoy with a special chemical that causes anyone he insults to become shrunken, with the end goal of shrinking the entire town of Bumblyburg and becoming its ruler. Although he is quite a capable scientist and villain, he is frequently embarrassed by his mother, who constantly refers to him by his pet name, "Cubby", and even slips a baby photo of him into his presentation.

According to his biography in the Leggo My Ego bonus features, The Alchemist was a chemistry whiz, receiving top marks in all his assignments and winning every science fair he entered. He was soon discovered by a group of entrepeneurial scientists and was hired by SproutCorp to work in their laboratories. This ended when a rival company stole one of his top-secret formulas, which enraged him so much that he vowed to never again be used by corporate chemists.

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