The Train is a large toy train and the boss of the Fire Marshall Grape's Temptation, being summoned by The Bad Apple to stop Larry Boy. It is the fourth boss of Larry Boy and Bad Apple for the Sony Playstation 2.

Appearance and behavior

The Train general's appearance is that large toy train. The locomotive car resembles a cartoony depiction of an old black steam engine that were popular in 19th and early 20th century. The Train also features a green coal car, a green passenger car, and a blue caboose. The Train uses coal as its fuel source which the Train burns, belching bloom of smoke from its exhaust and causing the train to move forward at high speeds. The exhaust is also the Train's weak spot, being vulnerable to water should it enter through the exhaust.

Behaviorally, the Train simply races about its track in the Fire Marshall Grape's Temptation. It can not directly attack Larry Boy, and its speed is its only means of defense. However, the Train receives direct support from Attack Planes, whom will bombard Larry Boy with Temptation Bombs in order to prevent him from harming the Train.

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