VeggieTales in the House is a new VeggieTales series on Netflix and DVD. The series will include new designs and animation incorporated with DreamWorks Animation.

Behind the Scenes

In 2009, Netflix made many VeggieTales videos (in their uncut, original formats) and feature films available via their video streaming service. On March 14, 2014, Netflix announced a new VeggieTales television show from DreamWorks Animation Television entitled VeggieTales In The House.[4] The series is scheduled to premiere on Netflix November 26th, 2014, according to the Veggietales official website. Big Idea has also published VeggieTales books and music CDs and branded items such as toys, clothing, and garden seeds for vegetables and flowers.



VeggieTales In The House Official Trailer

VeggieTales In The House Official Trailer

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