YouTube Poop VeggieTales 12 Stories In One Nativity Christmas Wise Men Jesus Mary


  • Larry the Cucumber As King Crown
  • Bob the Tomato As Shepherds
  • Archibald Asparagus As Shepherds
  • Mr. Lunt As Shepherds
  • Benny the Dog As Himself
  • Annie As Shepherds
  • The French Peas As Shepherds
  • Gourd as Joseph
  • Peas Shepherds As Themselves
  • Baby Lou Carrot As Baby Jesus In The Manger
  • A Gourd as Mary
  • Grandpa George Scallion As Shepherds
  • Pa Grape As Israelite
  • Tom Grape As Yet Another Brother
  • Jimmy Gourd As Another Brother
  • Jerry Gourd As Dave's Brother
  • Junior Asparagus As Shepherds
  • Laura Carrot As Replacement Shepherds
  • Art Bigotti Asparagus As Shepherds
  • Jiminy Cricket As Himself Fun Fancy and Free
  • Dad Asparagus As Shepherds
  • The Scallions As Shepherds
  • Charlie Pincher As Shepherds
  • Palmy the Tree As Himself
  • Lenny Carrot As Shepherds
  • Scooter Carrot As Shepherds
  • Mr. Nezzer As Shepherds
  • Goliath As Shepherds
  • Mom Asparagus As Shepherds
  • The Three Brother Asparagus
  • Three Sheep
  • Sheep As Himself
  • Palm Tree and Shrubs Replacement
  • Nativity Scene Palm Trees
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